Teams That Play Together
Stay Together!
Bingo’ing a little crazy spending so much time at home? Let's have some fun whilst doing our part for the heroes of the NHS.
Step 1: Start a video meeting on your chosen platform.
Step 2: Complete the details in the box to invite your colleagues to play.
Step 3: All players invited will receive an email with a link to play.
Step 4: Players should click the link from their mobile phones to access their virtual bingo card.
Step 5: Share this Odro Bingo screen with your team on your video call and PLAY BINGO!
Don't forget to donate to the amazing NHS Heroes on our front line.
100% of the donations will go to NHS Charities Together.
Hit enter after each email address added and watch the counter go up
Go on, be creative!
Your Odro, Zoom (whatever video platform you use) link goes here
Cause you’re special too you know